Cathartic drones, tech geekery and lyrical meditations

Sonic Imperfections, March 2016 (photo: Robin Prime)
Rotten Bliss is fuelled by relentless exploration into the outer limits of the electric cello, especially the harsh, cinematic sounds that can come out of an (im)properly treated instrument, and the desire to create a transcendental sound immersion beyond the comprehension of narrative consciousness.

Warm and intimate vocals guide the listener through a dreamworld, down hypnotic layers of sound where cathartic drones are interspersed with lyrical cello noir pieces.

Innovative compositions using light sensors, samples and the cello as a data feed are used to create live cut ups and collages which interact with the projected visuals to create an eerie synaesthesic dreamworld.

Recent events include Sonic Imperfections, deXter Bentley's Hello Goodbye show on Resonance FM, performances at The Hundred Years Gallery (Shoreditch) and The Windmill (Brixton), a two week installation in The National Theatre's Green Room bar and a performance as part of Kinetica's showcase aboard the M S Stubnitz.